Postcards from my Piano – CD



I play to ground myself, to find myself, and lose myself.
Sometimes I play to manage the sense of powerlessness when friends and family are struggling. This collection includes pieces I improvised and sent to a nephew brutally injured in a fall, a brother-in-law recovering from a heart attack, a sweet friend with only weeks to live, a grandson diagnosed with cancer, and a granddaughter being born …
They are benedictions in the moment, wordless reflections on the joy of connecting with others.



Moonrise at Mitlenatch


My attempt to knit my nephew’s numerous broken bones with music.


An ode to the stent which revived my brother-in-law in the nick of time.


A palliative piece for a friend gone much too soon.

Beneath My Feet

A musical mantra/lullaby


Baby it’s you

I wrote this on guitar for an eponymous documentary about the challenges starting a family mid-life. The film taught me that normal is ab….

Little Man

Skyler has survived two bouts of brain cancer by age five, but still manages to be cheeky and mischievous- may he never be thus

Still Water

Falling Water


Although I’ll never experience contractions, I played this to stay calm during the birth of a granddaughter.


I’ve never been to Java; this piece is a voyage in itself.

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