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Voyages from the left coast

VOYAGES FROM THE LEFT COAST is Simon’s new solo piano CD.

Over 60 soul-filled minutes of wonderful music picks up where ‘Sweet Compulsion’ left off.

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lyrical, melodic tunes on the cusp between r&b and jazz, featuring piano, hammond organ, trumpet, sax, bass and drums.
“…….catchy, well-thought-out tunes, invitingly coherent and warm.  delivered with considerable punch by a big-hearted band…..” alex varty, georgia straight.

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Sweet Compulsion

73 minutes of soulful, introspective solo piano.  music to lose yourself in, both anchored and serendipitous.
“…..handsome tunes, a lot of soul and more substance than customary……great for late night listening…….” jurgen gothe, cbc radio
“………..i don’t miss bill evans nearly as much since hearing ’sweet compulsion’……. outstanding, effortlessly hypnotic…” john beaudin, qm fm

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hewn from the living soul of soul itself is “sharkskin”. stinging riffs and signature swells- you can try to talk but you’d better do it while you’re dancing. they don’t sing but they sure do swing.
“…..toothsome tunes that are good as gold……a little motown , a lot of stax - the throng danced and yelled for more…..” steve burgess, courier
“…truly impressive…..compelling instrumental r&b. a good-time feeling permeates the grooves…” alex varty, georgia straight

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In the early stages of this project when Mikael and I were writing and trying out songs, her voice gave me shivers. So often magic like that hides when you get into the studio, but on her first day after recording ‘Trouble’ all you could hear was the sound of seasoned jaws dropping.

She’s an incredible natural singer whose enthusiasm and power is infectious…” simon kendall, producer

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